Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Magus Speaks

"There is no purpose in debating the madding crowd. Convincing a blind man that the sea is blue serves neither you nor the blind man – blue is not a part of a world in which darkness is the only light. And we should never forget that it is not the sea which is blue, but rather the sky reflected in the sea. Such is the nature of the Universe. A conceptual understanding is not the same as direct experience. The awareness that the true occultist possesses of the metaphysical realms is her or his alone. We do not practice the occult to draw attention to ourselves. Occult itself means “to conceal”."
-the first doctrine - Vicar Lee


Trevor Spencer said...

love it Lubomir!

Adam Temple said...

Nice! Awesome quote too.

Lubomir said...

Thanks dudes :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Magus,

I follow your blog sometimes and I apperciate the wise quotations you sometimes find here or there, in fact thats why I come to the blog for... the drawings are nice too.

"We all think we know what alchemy is. In factmany people do not realize that it is a spiritual way of life... ALCHEMY is in effect a metaphor for the human state." Andre Nataf from the dictionary of the occult

How about that failed assasination in Bulgaria, forces of the dark side at work?

Lubomir said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face :)

You've gifted me a compliment about the little nuggets I throw out sometimes, which I feel go unnoticed by the animation crowd that comes through for the drawings.

I heartily agree regarding Alchemy, indeed it is the science of the transmutation of the soul; from base, unconscious meanderings, to refined and potent illumination.

As for the assassination attempt, my thoughts are; if institutions assassinate human vitality and authenticity, would an attempt to stop them be considered criminal? Was the malfunctioning gun a work of the light forces protecting what is right, or the dark ones protecting their own...I don't know but I wonder.

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding" -The Kybalion

Thank You!

Lubomir said...
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